Git-crypt doesn’t do merges out-of-the-box

Since I implemented an encrypted GitHub repository for my Zettelkasten, I was thrilled using it, suspending work on my Chromebook to resume it on my Desktop PC, later continuing on my smartphone using the excellent Epsilon Notes app — until I ran into a merge conflict. I had edited the same (daily) note on two devices without prior syncing.

At this time, I realized, git-crypt does not support merging! Consequently, it always treats conflicting files as having no difference from the local version of the main branch. …

Because privacy matters

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Here I show you how I use an encrypted git repository on GitHub to sync my Zettelkasten (Obsidian vault) to all my devices, including my Android smartphone.

In case you’re wondering: My digital Zettelkasten is a folder in my filesystem, containing plain text files with Markdown formatting (and images) that I manage with Obsidian and sometimes with Sublimeless_ZK. This future-proof format lends itself perfectly to being version-controlled and distributed with git.

Update: If you implement this, please make sure you also follow my post about merges and conflicts!


You will get the most out of this article when you know…

Slideshow meets Game Engine

I created my favorite alternative to Powerpoint, a presentation software that satisfies my specific requirements, and even introduces an innovative feature dubbed “multiplayer presentations”.

To better understand my motivation for ditching Powerpoint, I’ll share some of the grievances I have with it before telling you all about this project.

“This is probably going to be a rant…”

I’m not too fond of Powerpoint


  • user experience: bad, inconsistent across platforms
  • inconsistent format when changing computer or OS or app or version
  • low productivity compared to what I am used to
  • the typical style of presentations is dull
  • lacking presenting features, I would like to see


How future-proof should a life’s work be?

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Background story

When I wrote about how to get your notes out of Roam Research for use in, e.g., Obsidian, I got asked why I would switch from Roam to Obsidian. Here are my reasons.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many things to like about Roam Research. It has brought new and fresh ideas into (personal) knowledge management, digital Zettelkasten, etc. I am grateful for that. Interesting, thriving communities have formed, networks have been created, even a semi-ironic cult was formed.

It is also not an entirely bad app, with many excellent underlying concepts. I still think the idea of “blocks”…

Rene Schallner

Software engineer turned researcher, AI heavy data scientist with strong computer science and electronics skills.

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